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Introducing Dahlia 'Sturm', a variety that exudes unparalleled elegance. The blooms are a creamy hue, adorned with irregular red stripes, forming a perfect sphere that leaves an indelible impression. With flowers reaching a diameter of about 10 cm and a plant height of approximately 90 cm, 'Sturm' is an excellent choice for mid to rear placements in flower beds or as a striking patio feature.

Notably, Dahlia 'Sturm' is resilient against challenging weather conditions. Its robust stems ensure that the flowers remain stable, even in strong winds, making it a versatile addition to various garden settings. Furthermore, the blooms serve as ideal components for bouquets, offering both aesthetic appeal and longevity in a vase.

The allure of this dahlia variety is accentuated when set against a backdrop of contrasting colours. While stunning in isolation, its beauty is truly magnified when paired with whites, creams, and yellows. It stands as one of the finest varieties featuring cream-coloured flowers with red stripes, adding a splash of vibrancy wherever it's planted.

Cultivating Dahlia 'Sturm' is a straightforward affair. These low-maintenance plants promise a dazzling floral display with minimal effort. Regular fertilisation and watering are all that's needed to ensure a profusion of blooms from July through to October. It's important to note that dahlias are not frost-hardy and their tubers must be excavated and stored indoors during winter months.

If you're looking to enrich your garden with unique and resilient flora, Dahlia 'Sturm' is an exceptional choice. Don't hesitate; add this remarkable variety to your garden today and witness its ability to transform your outdoor space.

The GIGA Pack includes 50 'Sturm' dahlia tubers, and each product label provides essential cultivation and plant characteristics.

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