"Heca" modular pot casing for herbs - 10.5 cm - creamy-white

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The "Heca" pot casings for herbs will definitely appeal to all lovers of modern design. They have been designed the way that allows to combine them easily. They are intended for growing different herb species and varieties. They are, though, also suitable for cultivation of smaller green and flowering plants. The unique design of the "Heca" products fits not only modern, but the classical interiors, too.

This product may be used in a variety of ways - you may build a honeycomb-shaped grouping of them, hang them together on a wall railing or simply arrange single casings.

Pot casing size: 10.5 x 10 x 8 cm

Colour: creamy-white

We hereby offer one "Heca" modular pot casing for herbs from the Lamela brand. Order more of them in various colours and create your own, private herb arrangement.