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Bird feeder - hanged on a chain, bird table - pistachio-green + anthracite grey

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A pistachio-green - anthracite grey bird feeder will definitely adorn very garden in winter. Its original form consists of a double roof and a broad base on which birds sit. This bird table allows you to feed birds all year long, yet your support would be needed most during winter. This is the period of the year when birds struggle to find food they need to survive the hard time. A plastic bird feeder combines animal support with interesting nature observation that will be enjoyed most by the children.

This bird table has been manufactured of premium quality plastic that is weatherproof. It is also durable and easy to clean. The construction of this product protects fodder from getting wet, while the feeder tract dispenses small portions of the grain directly onto the base. Refilling could not be easier, as you only need to lift the upper part and pour grains into the cylinder. The bird feeder offered here is equipped with two holders and a chain on which it should be hanged. This mounting method is easy and stable. Both the colours and the shape of the presented bird feeder fit modern, innovative arrangements.

Dimensions: 21.5 x 19.5 cm

Chain length: 40 cm