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Paeonia, Peony

You will find high quality peony seedlings in this section. Is there anything more charming than a peony in full bloom? These impressive perennial plants with large, round inflorescences belong to the most captivating flowering plants that can be seen on allotments and in gardens. If you are looking for an attractive solitary plant that will retain its ornamental value all summer long, whose impressive blooms may be cut and put into vases, check out the peonies available in our garden store. Lovers of bright, sweet colours will fall in love with „Sarah Bernhardt” peony with pink blooms. The white-flowered „Shirley Temple” is equally charming. Combining deep crimson „Madame Gaudichau” blooms with the charming pastel colours is also worth a try. We hope that you will also consider our favourite, the bicolour „Bowl of Beauty” peony, whose flowers consist of the fringed, creamy-white inner petals surrounded by the broad, flat outer, candy-pink petals. If the majestic peonies won your heart, you are in the right place! You will buy impressive, healthy and transport-secured peony seedlings in our store. We guarantee an affordable price and competitive shipment rates. Do not hesitate – join the satisfied customers and enjoy relaxation in peony-scented garden.