Impatiens seeds

We offer busy Lizzie, or sultana, and garden balm seeds. All Impatiens available in our store come with high quality guarantee and show great germination capacity, as they come from renowned producers only. It guarantees successful cultivation, provided, of course, that proper growing conditions are maintained.

Busy Lizzie, sultana (Impatiens walleriana) is a perfect choice for planting at flower beds, edgings or in containers. It adorns many gardens and balconies from May until September. We should never forget that it prefers shady or partially shady sites. You will find seeds of the busy Lizzie developing 4 – 5 cm large red flowers and broadly branching stems. We recommend the beginners to choose a variety selection of this species producing differently coloured blooms. When it comes to the garden balm (Impatiens balsamina), it shares the inclination towards shady sites with its previously mentioned relative. It will thrive in a pot on a balcony. Generally, it will adorn the gardens a little later than the busy Lizzie, from July until October. You may successfully grow both plants together in order to enjoy the multitude of bloom colours for a longer time. Those two will form a great garden arrangement on a sheltered, partially shady or shady site.

The Impatiens deserve their name to the unusual way of propagation – they self-propagate. They are impatient, because even a gentle breeze or soft touch causes breaking of the ripe fruit and catapulting seeds even a few metres away.