Alum root seedlings, Heuchera

Alum root seedlings is our proposal for humid and shady sites that are usually difficult to arrange in an attractive and elegant way. The charming, durable and rather undemanding alumroot (Heuchera diversifolia) - also known as coral bells - belongs, together with hostas and fens, to the most popular plants with decorative leaves. Let its bright, intense colours and the uniquely shaped leaves enchant you!

We proudly present, among others, our favourite variety: the "Purple Palace" alum root that produces abundant, dark purple foliage, that would add character to every composition consisting of ornamental perennials, shrubs and grasses. If you dispose of a shaded relaxation spot or a pond in your garden, arrange that space with a grouping of marvellous alum roots that remain decorative all season long. Browse through our assortment and choose your favourites.

We sell alum root seedlings from the leading domestic and foreign producers per mail and online order. We carefully select our vendors in order to be able to offer you the highest quality shopping experience. Our online store offers healthy, vigorous seedlings and bulbs of ornamental and crop plants, prepared for storage and transportation. Take a look into Hosta seedlings and Fen rhizomes sections in order to find the best and most fitting company for your alum roots. Take care of affordable prices and delivery options and save time and money with us. You will arrange your garden effectively, quickly and affordably without leaving home!