Rosemary seeds

Rosemary seeds (Rosmarinus officinalis) are a long-term investment that yields strong, fruitful, aromatic plants with high decorative and functional value. Not just an ornamental choice for a rock garden or balcony, rosemary is primarily a highly valuable spice and herbal resource. It also has minimal care requirements, making it an ideal choice for cultivation on your kitchen windowsill.

Common rosemary is a shrub with vigorous growth, a compact form, and dense foliage. Its dark green leaves, resembling short, thick needles, emit a pleasant, spicy scent. In early summer, the plant produces delicate light purple flowers that add exceptional decorative qualities. Harvest young shoots and leaves outside the flowering season for use in meats, sauces, and soups, either fresh or dried. Due to the presence of digestion-stimulating essential oils, rosemary enhances the flavor of fatty dishes while making them easier to digest.

Best grown in well-drained soil with good aeration, rosemary prefers a sunny location but can tolerate partial shade. Its modest water requirements make it a good choice for areas with limited rainfall.

Beyond its culinary use, rosemary offers potential health benefits, including improved digestion, memory boost, and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it an attractive option for those interested in the health aspects of herbal cultivation.

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