Whitewash for trees and shrubs

Whitewash for trees and shrubs allows you to forget the harmful winter burns that often occur in orchards and home gardens on sunny and frosty winter days. Do you know their root cause? Sun warms up the bark that then breaks because of the substantial temperature drop and exposes the deeper laying tissues. Necrosis increases the risk of bacterial and fungal diseases and weakens the plants.

Now you can effectively and efficiently protect your trees and shrubs from frost wounds. Below please a full list of the best available whitewashing products. The Target Tree and Shrub Whitewash with enhanced adhesiveness ensures long-term protection from winter burns. We also offer efficient whitewash in large 2 or 4 kg bags. You may also choose the all-purpose Tree Whitewash and Soil Deacidifying Lime from Agrecol. You would be able to utilise unused surplus the following spring to adjust soil reaction - soil liming has never been easier before. Take advantage of our competitive prices and save even more money thanks to the free home delivery. Order products from renown brands, enjoy highest available quality at prices affordable to everyone and protect your trees and shrubs all winter long. We stand for easy and economic solutions - check us out!