Lavender seeds

Sowing lavender seeds enables you to achieve a beautifully scented garden decorated with purple inflorescences. We offer two species of this plant in our store – common (narrow-leaf) lavender and Spanish lavender. All seeds available in our online store meet the highest quality standards and display good germinability, as they come from renowned producers only.

Lavender can be used in many ways. It can be grown on flower beds that it will adorn with blooms in the summer and early autumn. It attracts visitors to the garden, because it is a melliferous plant excreting intensive, pleasant aroma. Lavender prefers sunny, wind-sheltered sites with permeable, fertile soil. It requires regular topping. This plant is a valuable perennial grown for cut flowers used in fresh and dried bouquets alike, as it grants floral compositions a subtle look. Dried lavender can be put into your wardrobe and linen cupboard to scent your clothes and linen and to repel tineid moths.

Common lavender will not only adorn your garden with its purple, fragrant inflorescences, but also beneficially affect your well being. It shows several medicinal effects, soothing, antiseptic, diastolic and delicately carminative, to name only a few. It also improves condition of skin by rejuvenating the epidermis and fighting acne. It will add flavour to many dishes, especially combined with sage, dill and savoury. Essential oils that both common and Spanish lavender contain, have a soothing, relaxing effect and are added to many cosmetics and perfumes.