Hosta, Plantain Lily

Lacking an idea to use a shady, moist garden corner? Grow hosta, or plaintain lily, seedlings there. You will find several varieties, differing in shape and colour of the flowers in our store. The charming, compact tufts in different shades of green, yellow and blue will adorn even the least decorative spot in your garden, where more demanding plants would not grow.

Let the classic, impressive „Fortunei France” hosta enchant you with its emerald-green leaves with creamy-white edges. Combine it with the „Mediovariegata” variety with dark green leaves with a characteristic white smudges running through the middle of the petiole. Golden-green „Golden Tiara” and „Aureomarginata” await the lovers of the warmer shades. Maybe you will like the original hosta „Holcyon” with blue-green leaves. You shouldn’t overlook our pride – rhizomes of the „White Feather” hosta with white foliage! All hosta seedlings available in our online store come from proven suppliers that have been present on our market for years. We guarantee 100% satisfaction – hosta cultivation is easy and the high quality Dutch seedling material ensures spectacular results. Competitive prices should convince you – try out our seedlings.