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Gladiolus bulbs

Have you seen our gladiolus bulbs? The impressive, ear-shaped inflorescences that tower over the tufts of slender, erect leaves belong to one of the most common summer bulb flowers grown in Poland. Their unparalleled charm lays in the unique form of the flowerheads, tall habit and broad colour palette. We have selected the most beautiful, long and reliably blooming gladiolus varieties for you. Get to know them and pick your favourites. We strongly recommend our red-flowered varieties: the burgundy-red „Black Surprise”, scarlet „Traderhorn” and carmine-brown „Chocolate”. We think that the pink-orange „Spic and Span” or the „Frizzled Coral Lace” with ruffled petal edges may also appeal to your senses. The bicolour, cheerful „Mademoiselle de Paris” and „Princess Margaret Rose”, as well as the „Green Star” with green-white flowers belong to our all-time favourites. Still, we haven’t reached the end of gladioli species’ list yet – take a closer look and indulge in the treasure of gladiolus varieties. Which one would you pick for your garden? We offer well developed, healthy and large bulbs originating from Holland. Buying in our store saves time and money – take advantage of the competitive price and order magnificent gladioli still today. We guarantee 100% cultivation success.