"Capri" round pot casing - 12 cm - terracotta-coloured

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"Capri" belongs to the most innovative round pot casings manufactured by Form-Plastic. It is surprisingly lightweight and decorative, hence may be used in every room. You may also place it on the terrace or in the gazebo.

The "Capri" pot casing is a premium quality product. It has been manufactured of high quality plastic that will allow you to use it for at least several seasons. It will fit into every arrangement thanks to its high ornamental value. A classic form with decorative, irregular grooves on the surface allows you to use them both in posh and modern interiors.

This pot casing is intended for adorning the regular pots and should not be used directly for plant cultivation. It looks great on windowsills and in rooms, but will also adorn terraces and gazebos.

Colour: terracotta

Diameter: 12 cm