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Lychnis, Catchfly seeds

There are seeds of differen’t catchfly species available in our online store, hybrid Arkwright’s catchfly „Vesuvius”, rose campion, Maltese cross, sticky catchfly, to name only a few. These are wonderful plants for filling borders, rock gardens and cultivation for cut flowers. They adorn the surroundings of your home with bright, colourful flowers all summer long.

Test the seeds of the „Vesuvius” catchfly from which medium tall, broadly branched plants will develop. They stand out with their high ornamental value thanks to their striking, orange blooms, but also thanks to the shoots and leaves that take on scarlet colour in the blooming season. Sticky catchfly with its wonderful pink blossoms is a perfect fit for naturalistic and rock gardens.

All catchfly seeds offered in our store come with the high-quality-warranty, as they come from renowned producers only.

The maltese cross (Lychnis chalcedonica), here offered in mixed bloom colours, belongs to a group of very distinctive perennial plants flowering in high...
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Scarlet Lychnis, also known as Maltese Cross, is a very charming plant which is particularly popular with florists who specialise in perennial plants....
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