Gladiolus 'Eclair' - Giga Pack! - 250 pcs.

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant charm of Gladiolus 'Eclair', presented in an impressive Giga Pack of 250 bulbs. This variety captivates with its dazzling orange-apricot blooms and elegant sword-like foliage, making a striking statement in any garden. Flourishing from August to September and reaching heights of 130-150 cm, 'Eclair' infuses late summer and early autumn landscapes with a burst of colour.

Esteemed for its remarkable growth characteristics and straightforward cultivation, 'Eclair' is suited to both gardening novices and experts. The chalice-shaped blooms, composed of six delicately rippled petals, exude a gentle fragrance, enhancing any floral ensemble. Their enduring beauty and form make them ideal for both garden landscapes and as cut flowers.

Adorning garden borders with these floral spikes adds an element of sophistication and charm, elevating the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Each bulb in this extensive pack comes with detailed plant information and tailored cultivation advice, ensuring a rewarding gardening experience. Embrace the elegance of Gladiolus 'Eclair' and transform your garden into a haven of exquisite beauty.

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