Gladiolus 'Sugar Babe' - Giga Pack! - 250 pcs.

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Indulge in the exquisite charm of Gladiolus 'Sugar Babe' with our Giga Pack, offering 250 bulbs to transform your garden into a spectacular display of soft pink to coral hues. These stunning flowers, poised on tall, elegant stems, provide breathtaking vertical interest to any garden bed or floral arrangement.

Thriving in sun-drenched spots with fertile, well-draining soil, 'Sugar Babe' requires consistent watering, particularly during periods of low rainfall, to maintain its splendid blooms. A boost with fertilizer during the initial growth phases and as buds begin to form will significantly enhance its vibrant display.

Post-bloom, it's advisable to cut back the stems but leave the foliage to continue photosynthesis, thereby replenishing the bulb for the subsequent season. In regions prone to frost, bulbs should be lifted from the ground at the end of the growing season and stored in a cool, dry place to ensure their survival and re-use.

Beyond their visual appeal, 'Sugar Babe' Gladioli are a magnet for pollinators such as butterflies and bees, adding to the biodiversity of your garden. They also make for exquisite cut flowers, brightening indoor spaces with their delicate beauty.

With straightforward cultivation requirements, this variety is perfectly suited for both novice and experienced gardeners alike. Introduce Gladiolus 'Sugar Babe' to your garden for an infusion of soft elegance and to enjoy the serene beauty it brings to your outdoor haven.

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