Iris sibirica 'Ester C.D.M.' - Large Pack! - 10 pcs.

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Discover the refined beauty of Iris sibirica 'Ester C.D.M.', a selection that captivates with creamy-white petals delicately brushed with yellow and green nuances. This iris variety, standing tall at 70-80 cm, is perfectly suited for both grouped plantings and singular displays, adding a touch of elegance to borders, cottage gardens, and naturalistic settings alike.

With its blooming period extending from late spring to early summer, 'Ester C.D.M.' introduces a serene charm to your garden at a time when colour is most cherished. It is robust against pests and diseases and thrives in conditions ranging from sunny to partially shaded, preferring fertile, moderately moist soil. The iris's cold-hardiness further enhances its adaptability to various garden environments.

This Large Pack includes 10 seedlings of 'Ester C.D.M.', providing ample opportunity to craft stunning garden borders or to assemble elegant floral arrangements. Invite this exquisite iris into your garden and let it become a highlight, offering an enduring allure with effortless maintenance. Secure your pack today and welcome the sophisticated beauty of 'Ester C.D.M.' into your outdoor haven.

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