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Lily - Pearl Justien

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Are you looking to add an element of surprise to your garden? The Pearl Justien lily, hailing from the United States and named after the granddaughters of its creator, Dr. Robert Griesbach, is a game-changer for your green oasis. This unique lily stands out with its vibrant orange flowers, boasting an impressive diameter of 13 cm and reaching a towering height of 100 to 120 cm. Thanks to additional chromosomes, its flowers not only exhibit exquisite beauty but also exceptional strength and durability compared to other lily varieties.

The Pearl Justien lily isn't just a garden adornment; it's also a fantastic addition to floral compositions. Whether used in bouquets or arrangements, it will undoubtedly command attention with its intense color and distinctive form. The lily's orange hue will infuse a warm, vibrant ambiance into your home or garden.

If you're wondering whether such a unique plant demands complex care, here's the good news: it's exceptionally easy to nurture. Like most Asiatic lilies, it thrives in slightly acidic soil, with a pH range of 5.5 to 6.5. Vegetables also prosper in such soil, making it a suitable companion for your vegetable garden. It's frost-resistant, but in severe winters, providing additional protection is advisable. Regular watering is essential, but take care to prevent water stagnation. During the growing season, the application of potassium and phosphorus-rich fertilizer encourages prolific flowering. After the blooming season concludes, remove spent blossoms, allowing the stem to remain until it dries completely.

Let the Pearl Justien Lily grace your garden as a beautiful and undemanding focal point. Its charm and vibrant color are sure to capture attention, and its ease of cultivation ensures that even novice gardeners can relish its beauty.

This package includes one Pearl Justien lily bulb, complete with a product label containing essential information about the plant and its care.

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