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Asiatic lily - Tribal Kiss

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"Tribal Kiss" is a dazzling Asiatic lily cultivar with bicolour blooms. Lilies have thousands of diehard admirers worldwide. No wonder that they occupy the honourable locations at many borders. Large flowers that resemble starfish and usually excrete a strong aroma cannot be matched by any other plant.

"Tribal Kiss" definitely belongs to a selection of varieties that simply must find a way into your garden. This exceptional beauty develops erect stems that grow up to 90 cm tall. Lily leaves sprout directly from the main stalk, but are distributed on it rather loosely. They take on an elongated, vividly green colour. They bifurcate approximately in the middle. At the end of each branching appear flower buds. The flowers are symmetrical and extremely large. White is their primary colour. A crimson centre is dotted, like it has been sprinkled with paint. Lilies of this type are called "tango".The stamen surround the pistil in the arrangement typical for Asiatic lilies.

Lilies are planted into rather deep holes, approximately 3 times the height of the bulb deep. The soil should be slightly acidic, permeable and fertile. The site needs to be sunny or partially shady. Water the site abundantly right after the planting. As soon as the stem appears, you may start to feed the plants with multicomponent fertilizer. Remove only the flower leftovers after blooming, leaving the main stem with leaves, so the bulbs may gather supplies for the next season.

Lilies are often planted at colourful borders. Large flowers do attract one's attention and may be used for creating colourful spots at water basin edges. They also look great at the background of trees and shrubs. The majestic lilies present themselves well alongside windows, walls and fences. These flowers grow successfully in containers, too. That way you will get a movable ornament that could be placed at any given location in garden, balcony or at a terrace.


  • Species: Asiatic lily
  • Height: 90 cm
  • Planting depth: 3 times the height of the bulb
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