Pattypan, Scallop Squash Seeds

You will find seeds of several pattypan squash varieties in our online store. They differ mostly in size and colour of the fruit and their use. They are worth giving them a try and sowing in the garden. These gourd vegetables are a rich source of vitamins (PP), carotene, as well as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

Try the heterotic „Polo” variety that is resistant to downy mildew. It produces medium-large, tasty fruit covered with white peel. You will also find seeds of the „Okra” and „Toscana” pattypans in our offer. All three of them can be preserved and pickled or added to salads. Larger fruit of the „Polo” variety can also be stuffed and roasted.

Do not hesitate and choose seeds of one of the pattypan squash varieties.