Tree and Shrub Seeds

You should definitely buy tree and shrub seeds, if you dream of an attractively arranged garden, terrace or balcony. We have many different species in our offer, such as orchid tree, Judas tree, flame tree, burning bush (fraxinella) or tulip tree. You will also find seeds of the more popular trees and shrubs: northern white-cedar, creeping (mountain) pine, Port Orford cedar (Lawson cypress), Maule’s quince, common (Scotch) broom or blue spruce. Short plant descriptions will help you choose perfect species for your garden. All seeds available in our garden store are of high quality and show good germinability, because they all come from proven producers only.

We particularly recommend the previously mentioned Judas tree, a plant that develops wonderful, pink coronas, to all unusual plant afficionados. One of the most characteristic features of this plant are small pink flowers that grow directly from tree’s trunk and branches. Tulip tree is another interesting tree plant. It develops flowers that resemble tulips in shape and its leaves also take on an intriguing shape.

Some of the plants available in our offer are rather sensitive to frost. It does not allow for open-air cultivation, but for container cultivation only – in interiors in colder periods, while the plants can be put outside in the summer. This applies to the strawberry tree, silk plant, orchid tree, common red (lemon bottlebrush) and dwarf pomegranate. It brings some advantages, as those plant please our eyes at home in autumn and winter and adorn the garden in summer. Loose no time and choose seeds of your favourite plants!

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