Tunbergia, Black-eyed Susan Vine seeds

Our online store seeds offers seeds of black-eyed Susan, one of the more intriguing creeping plants. You may choose from several varieties that differ mostly in colour of their blooms.

We particularly recommend black-eyed Susan with white blooms with dark centres. It will cover all fences and walls, but can be grown in containers and pots on terraces and balconies, too. This plant will adorn the vicinity of your home all summer long, until beginning of autumn. It will look adorable accompanied by orange-blooming black-eyed Susan. These plants sprout crawling stems that cover gazebos, fences or walls. Those who cannot make their mind and choose one variety should try seed mix of different black-eyed Susan varieties with yellow and orange blooms. You should remember that all black-eyed Susan varieties would thrive on South-facing sites.