French Bean Seeds

There are seeds of many different French bean varieties available in our online store. They represent high quality and show good germinability, what ensures high yield crops in proper cultivation conditions.

You may choose from a plethora of varieties that differ in habit, size, shape and colour of the pods or resistance to diseases. We offer seeds of yellow, green, purple or red French bean. We recommend a selection of differently coloured varieties for those who would like to try them all. You should also try the „romano” type bean that produces broad, equally tasty pods. „Mamutina” variety with purple flowers and long, broad pods, and the „Goldmarie” cultivar that bears excellent, tasty pods are particularly recommended. If you care for ecology, choose certified organic seeds that have produced without the use of chemical control agents nor artificial fertilisers.

Seeds available in our garden store come exclusively from proven suppliers, what ensures their quality. Choose your favourite variety in order to enjoy delicious, healthy pods in summer. There is no need to ponder, French bean is a rich source of vitamin C, well assimilable proteins, phosphorus, kalium and fibre. Consumption of beans limits loss of calcium from the bones, what prevents ostheoporosis.