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Cucumber "Hela F1" - SEED TAPE

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"Hela F1" cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a variety intended for cultivation in the field that develops fruit covered with bright green peel sprinkled with medium-sized warts and white tips. Cucumbers of this variety are high quality, regularly sized and shaped fruit that are genetically devoid of bitterness. Thanks to this feature they have an exceptionally tender taste. They are suited for marinating and pickling, as they retain their green colour in jars for a long time. They taste great in salads and sandwiches, too. Cucumber fruit are source of many valuable nutrients that show deacidifying, cleansing and anti-cancer effects, as well as help remove excess water from the body.

Seeds of the "Hela F1" cucumber have been placed on biodegradable, cellulose tape that allows to spread them evenly in the soil, eliminating the need to thin the seedlings after the emergence. In the spring, after the risk of frost has passed, place seed tapes directly on the ground in rows 80 - 100 cm apart, ca. 2 cm deep, cover with soil and water abundantly. Ripe cucumbers of this variety may be harvested all summer long. Choose sunny and warm sites with rapidly warming up, humous soils for cucumber cultures.

One package contains 7 m of tape with "Hela F1" cucumber seeds, as well as the sow-by date and growing instructions.

  • Use: direct consumption - salads, sandwiches; marinating; pickling
  • Harvest time: all summer long
  • Site: sunny, warm; rapidly warming up, humous soil
  • Quantity: 7 m of tape
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