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Cucumber "Racibor F1" - pickling variety - 200 seeds

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"Racibor F1" field pickling cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is one of the hardiest varieties intended for direct sowing. This cucumber cultivar yields rich crops of regularly shaped, cylindrical fruit with green, striped skins and thick warts on sunny, sheltered and warm sites. The variety offered here requires humous, permeable and non-drying out soil that should be kept moist in the fruit development stage.

Seeds of the "Racibor F1" field pickling cucumber are sown in the spring after the late frosts. High resistance to cucumber scab and yellowing of the fruit contributes to rich crops, harvested from July to September. Harvested fruit of this variety are recommended for pickling, particularly marinades.

Each package contains 5 g of "Racibor F1" pickling cucumber seeds. Growing instructions and the sow-by date have been included in the product information.

  • Weight: 5 g
  • Use: preserves
  • Harvest time: July - September
  • Site: sunny, warm, sheltered; humous, permeable, water-retaining soil

Approximately 200 seeds (+/- 20%)

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