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Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants - Biopon - 30 pcs

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Fertilizer sticks for flowering plants constitute a great solution for providing plants with optimal growth conditions. The properly balanced macronutrient content stimulates plants to produce more flower buds. Plants bloom more abundantly and their colour is more vivid. Each stick contains a balanced dose of phosphorus and potassium - two elements that responsible for regulating of flowering process and the vivid colouring of blooms. The regularly nourished flowering plants enjoy excellent health and bring their owners plenty of satisfaction with their stable growth and exuberant blooming.

Fertilizer sticks are a product that is efficient and easy to apply. You only need to press the sufficient number of sticks into the soil and water them. The number of the sticks offered here in a handy package allow you to satisfy nutritional needs of the plants for up to three months.

Each package contains 30 fertilizer sticks for flowering plants from Biopon.