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Orchid fertilizer sticks - MINI package - 3 months action

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Orchid fertilizer sticks satisfy all nutritional needs of these beautiful plants. Properly developed composition ensures abundant growth and tremendous blooming of the plants. Complete, rich sticks quickly replenish nutrient deficiencies, what helps plants to regenerate quickly and makes them stronger. Optimal fertilization is absolutely essential, if you wish your orchids to delight with magnificent blooms and healthy growth.

Presented multicomponent fertilizer is convenient and easy to use. You need to put it into the pot and your plants will be supplemented for three months. Carefully devised structure of the sticks enables slow and gradual release of the nutrient to the soil, therefore eliminating risk of overfertilization. Presented product is exceptionally efficient and long lasting.

Best-before date and instructions of use can be found on the label of this Mini Package of orchid fertilizer sticks.

We hereby offer orchid fertilizer sticks in a handy, small package containing six pieces.

Application method:
every 3 months. 1 stick per a 10-13 cm pot. Use 1 stick per 1 litre of soil in larger pots. Apply half the dose between November and February.