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Orchid Power Nutrient - Compo® - 1 x 30 ml

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The Orchid Power nutrient belongs to the cutting edge products, signed by the renown Compo® brand. Orchids accompany us in our homes and apartments for a long time, delighting us daily with their magnificent, exotic flowers. The presented nutrient in a handy applicator allows you to fully satisfy nutritional needs of your flowering plants. The formula of this liquid fertilizer has been specially devised to provide orchids with all nutrients they need to develop strong and healthy roots and numerous, beautifully coloured flowers.

Instructions of use: Place the applicator in a pot by sticking the thin end into the soil and leave it there until the nutrient has been completely absorbed. This product does not need to be dosed - 30 ml of the liquid will feed the orchid gradually for four weeks!

The package contains 1 applicator with 30 ml of the Orchid Power nutrient from Compo®.

1 applicator per 1 plant. Apply every 1 to 2 months.