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Gladiolus "Flevo Nautica" - 5 pcs

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The "Flevo Nautica" gladiolus, available in 5 piece packs in our online store, is a majestic variety that dazzles with strong growth and reliable, exuberant blooming. Its erect, straight flowering stalks may grow up to 140 - 160 cm. They are surrounded by a curtain of slightly shorter, narrow, linear, dagger-shaped leaves that additionally underscore the erect, towering habit of the plant. The "Flevo Nautica" gladiolus develops numerous, funnel-shaped flowers gathered in a long ear. You would be able to enjoy them in July and August. Light, warm shade of purple, slightly darker at the petal edges and a pink spot in the middle of the perianth, should be considered yet another great feature of the plant offered here.

Gladioli bulbs should be planted in spring and excavated in early autumn, These perennials feel best on sunny sites, in fertile, humus-rich, sufficiently light and moist soils. They are easy to grow and exceptionally ornamental. Tall, picturesque gladioli, such as the "Flevo Nautica" offered here, should be planted in groupings in the centre or background of the border. They are also perfectly fitted for multi-species perennial groupings and growing alongside, walls, fences and on elegant lawns. Their long stalks that are abundantly covered with flowers may be cut for fresh bouquets. The variety that we offer here will look spectacular accompanied by other gladioli varieties producing pastel-coloured blooms, such as "Ben Venuto", "Flevo Cheers", "Lemon Frizzle", "Mary Housley", as well as with the vividly coloured ones: "Black Star", "Passos", "Purple Flora", "Traderhorn" and "Violetta".

One package contains 5 bulbs sized 12/14 in circumference. Each package contains the most important growing tips.

  • Variety: Flevo Nautica
  • Use: Ornamental - borders, lawns, alongside walls and fences, cut flower
  • Growth form: erect
  • Foliage: narrow, linear, dagger