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Phlox seedlings

Phlox seedlings will remind you of the idyllic summer holidays spent in your grandma’s garden. Grow the multicoloured flames on your border and give yourself some of the summer comfort. Our online store with bulbs and rhizomes offers you a wide selection of phlox varieties that bloom long and abundantly. The origin of our plant guarantees successful cultivation. We sell rhizomes from the proven producers, real specialists in propagation of the ornamental plants. Try them out and take advantage of the competitive prices. White, red, orange, purple and pink phloxes are all available in our online store. Let your garden bloom with all colours of the summer. Abundant blooming, impressive size and low requirements in regard to the environment belong to the most important phlox advantages. The plants are frost-resistant, do not require digging out before the winter and like the company of other flowering species. You only need a few clicks to let them adorn your borders in summer! Detailed descriptions of the particular phlox varieties will allow you to learn about their requirements. Click the name of any given phlox and gain access to the detailed information and imagery. High quality rhizomes of phloxes and other ornamental plants can be acquired with a few mouse clicks. You will see, how easy it is!