Gladiolus 'Indian Summer' - Giga Pack! - 250 pcs.

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Discover the captivating allure of the 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus, presented in a generous Giga Pack of 250 bulbs. This exquisite variety enchants with its palette of dark peach to velvety copper petals, lightening towards the throat, and set against robust stems of around 120 cm in height. The large, striking flowers, each spanning nearly 12 centimeters in diameter, not only beckon butterflies and pollinators but also promise to elevate the elegance of any garden setting.

Whether gracing garden borders as a stunning focal point or adorning indoor spaces as cut flowers, the 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus stands out for its versatility and vibrancy. For thriving growth, plant these bulbs in sunny spots with fertile, well-draining soil, ensuring they are well-cared for with regular watering and fertilization throughout their growth phase.

As the first frosts approach, it is prudent to lift the bulbs from the ground, carefully trimming leaves and roots, and allowing them to dry in a cool, ventilated space to prepare them for storage. Ensuring the bulbs are kept in a dark, dry place over winter will safeguard them until they are ready to be replanted, bringing your garden to life once more in the following seasons.

This Giga Pack comes complete with 250 'Indian Summer' Gladiolus bulbs, each accompanied by detailed cultivation instructions to guarantee flourishing growth and prolific blooming. Embellish your garden with the warm, inviting tones of 'Indian Summer' and enjoy the spectacular display of colours and beauty it brings year after year.

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