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Iris 'Frothingslosh' - Large Pack! - 10 pcs.

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Introduce the 'Frothingslosh' Iris to your garden with this Large Pack of 10 bulbs, a variety that captivates with its white, ruffled petals edged in delicate lavender-violet. Standing tall at 80 cm in June, these irises are perfect for both solitary and grouped settings, complementing perennials like phlox, lilies, and peonies, and adding charm to rock gardens with their low-growing form.

Best suited to sunny locations with a tolerance for partial shade, the 'Frothingslosh' Iris thrives in well-drained soil with a pH of 6.5-7.5. Planting should be done on raised mounds of sand and soil in late summer or spring, with careful attention to winter mulching for protection against the cold.

This pack of 10 'Frothingslosh' Iris bulbs comes with detailed cultivation instructions, ensuring gardening success. These irises not only beautify garden spaces but also make exquisite additions to bouquets, retaining their freshness for up to two weeks.

With the 'Frothingslosh' Iris bulbs, transform your garden into a fragrant and colourful haven, bringing elegance and a splash of colour to your outdoor sanctuary. A truly enchanting selection for any gardener looking to infuse their space with beauty and charm.

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