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Men's gloves size 8 - FISKARS

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The men's Fiskars gloves are a product that proves to be necessary during various gardening tasks. They are perfect for pruning trees, chopping wood and digging. The high quality, breathable material they have been manufactured of ensures exceptional work comfort. The finger tips and thumb and index finger area have been reinforced for even high safety. These gloves come with a non-slip layer. That is why the held objects fit the hand well. A handy loop allows to hang the gloves.

The men's Fiskars gloves offer ideal protection from blisters, corns and bruises. This product is durable, carefully finished and will serve its owner for years to come.

The size 8 gloves fit small and medium-sized hands.

Material: Fabric, leather, non-slip layer

Width: 120 mm

Length: 325 mm

  • Size: 8
  • Width: 120 mm
  • Length: 325 mm
  • Material: fabric, leather