Mini greenhouse - growing plants from seedlings

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This mini greenhouse allows you to sow 36 seeds. Our tiny greenhouse consists of 36 cells.

The tray located under the pot may also be used for sowing tiny seeds, of such plants as watercress.

The cover of this mini greenhouse is made of transparent plastic that substitutes foil or glass, under which a special microclimate (humidity, temperature) that stimulates germination and seedling development is to be expected under normal conditions.

The soil prepared of peat from raised bogs, coconut fibre and pearlite, provides excellent water-air conditions and the sufficient nutrient content.

The set offered here consists of a mini greenhouse sized 160 x 525 mm, a transparent plastic cover, a tray (cuvette) and soil.

  • Width: 16 cm
  • Length: 52.5 cm
  • Material: plastic