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Orchid fertilizer sticks - for three months and five pots - Substral - 5 pcs

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Orchid fertilizer sticks from Substral is a long-lasting plant food in a functional form that is also easy to apply. The gradually released nutrients provide plants daily with the appropriate dose of elements that is required for healthy growth. Instantly acting and easy-to-apply sticks strengthen the root system and improve absorption of the nutrients. The composition of the product has been devised to ensure the proper condition of the plants and their long abundant blooming. In contrary to the liquid fertilizers, these sticks do not flow to the bottom of the pot, but dissolve near the roots. One stick supplies an orchid with a complete set of macro and micronutrients for a up to three months. These multicomponent sticks belong to the most convenient fertilizer forms. Use them with all orchid species. They will gradually supply them with valuable nutrients. Substral fertilizer sticks guarantee that your plants will stay in excellent condition and perfect health. They will delight you with the saturated colouring of their flowers and leaves.

Dosing of the product is easy - one stick per one pot. Make sure to water the plant regularly after the application. These sticks can be used all year long.

Each package contains five sticks, weighing six grams each.