Rooting powders and liquids

Should you worry that the cuttings and seedlings that you produce would not develop roots, choose rooting stimulating powders and liquids. Our online garden store will provide you with all trusted, efficient products available on the market, that will help your cuttings and seedlings take root. Do our products share a common secret? Yes indeed, they all are carefully designed and manufactured compositions of macro- and micronutrients, co-enzymes that stimulate root development, usable microorganisms and vitamins.

The freshly grafted cutting will get an energy boost and develop a functional root system with many root hairs that are responsible for water and nutrient absorption shortly after being treated with a rooting stimulant. Still have doubts? Take a look at the product list below. We hereby offer rooting powders and liquids for cuttings and seedlings of all plants. W recommend the "Korzonek Z" (Root Z) For Green Plant Rooting, if you wish to produce cuttings of geranium and other balcony plants. Should you intend to propagate trees and shrubs, such as cypresses and thujas, on your own, choose the "Korzonek PZ" (Root PZ) For Semi-Lignified Plants or the "Korzonek D" (Root D) For Lignified Plants' Cuttings. All these products are signed by the renown Target brand. We also offer rooting fertilizers for green plants' cuttings and seeds, as well as Rooting Additive for Lignified and Semi-lignified Cuttings from Agrecol. Using products of that kind not only supports plants in creating of strong roots, but also eliminates the need for starter fertilization. Buy excellent products from this subcategory, make an order in our Garden Seeds Market and enjoy propagating trees, shrubs and perennials on your own. Try them out now - you will see that its worth it!