Grafting waxes

Grafting waxes, that are indispensable while pruning and grafting trees, provide effective protection against fungal and bacterial diseases. Every large wound in the tree's bark opens door for infection. Pathogens spread by wind, rain and gardening tools may easily penetrate the inner plant tissues through such an opening and start to multiply at an exponential rate. Your trees and shrubs may be attacked by the harmful bacterial cancer and other severe diseases, of which some might turn out to be impossible to cure.

That is why we sincerely advise you to purchase grafting waxes from the leading domestic and foreign producers. These products will come in handy all year long, not only during spring pruning and grafting. The use of a proven wound-securing product guarantees that the cut will heal quickly and seamlessly, sparing you the effort of looking for disease-protecting dusting products in hurry. Try them out! We recommend the Natural Grafting Wax from Target, the Funaben Eko, the Sumin Grafting Wax for Tree and Shrub Wounds with a protective band, the Hunter Grafting Wax for Tree Wounds and Grafts and many other products. The easy to use Lac Balsam from Substral in a handy tube and Delta Chron Grafting Wax in a sprayer from Sumin also enjoy high popularity. Take a look at our competitive prices. Online Garden Seeds Market hereby presents a wide selection of the best, original grafting waxes that are reliable, efficient and guarantee sterile healing conditions for the plant cuts and grafts. Excellent quality at an excellent price - that is our motto. See for yourself!