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Asiatic lily - Easy Whisper

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Lily "Easy Whisper" (Lilium) is an always in demand pollen-less variety that originates form beautiful, sturdy and frost-resistant Asiatic lilies. The plants may grow up to 130 cm tall. They display an erect habit and dense, whorled foliage alongside the whole length of a stem. Bowl-shaped, extremely large blooms with a diameter of 10 to 12 cm develop atop the flowering stalks. The Asiatic lily "Easy Whisper" develops tear-shaped, elongated, slender, pastel-pink petals. Since the variety offered in our store does not produce pollen, hence do not stain, it is a perfect cut flower to be put into vases. It would also look great on every border, particularly in compositions with dark pink and white lilies ("Miss Feya", "Tribal Kiss", "Pretty Woman"), daylilies, peonies and phloxes.

The Asiatic lily "Easy Whisper" may be planted in spring and autumn. It does not have any special requirements regarding growing conditions. It likes permeable, humous soils, but grows well on heavier grounds, too. Even acidic soils do not hurt it. It blooms reliably and exuberantly both in full sun and partial shade.

A package contains 1 bulb of the "Easy Whisper" lily sized 18/20cm. The most important growing instructions have been printed on each package.

  • Species: Asiatic lily
  • Variety: Lilium
  • Bulbs: 1
  • Bulb size: 18/20 cm
  • Height: 130 cm