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Balkan anemone - Violet Star - 8 pcs; Grecian windflower, winter windflower

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The Violet Star Balkan anemone (Anemone blanda) is a low growing and compact, yet abundantly blooming early spring perennial. Its flowers resemble daisies, although they are much larger and distinctly coloured. The petals of the variety offered here in our garden store take on a deep purple colour, while the centre is white. The whole plant takes on a dense, tuft-like shape that is 15 cm tall. Not only the numerous flowers, but the decoratively dentate, dark green leaves also contribute to its ornamental value.

The bulbs of the Violet Star Balkan anemone can be planted in containers, on the borders, edgings and in rock gardens. This undemanding perennial prefers sunny sites and permeable, loose soils. Partial shade will do it no harm, though, and it even prefers the partially shady sites in case of the cultivation in pots. The charming appearance is by far not the only feature of this plant that is worth mentioning. One should also value its vigour and long blooming period. You can admire the purple-white flowers of this magnificent perennial from the end of March to the last decade of April. They look incredible when combined with the Lenten rose, Siberian squill, spring snowflake, botanical jonquils and tulips.

Each package contains 8 bulbs of the Violet Star Balkan anemone, sized 5 to 6 cm. The essential plant growing information is printed on each package.

  • Variety: Violet Star
  • Use: ornamental - garden, containers
  • Growth form: compact, tuft-like
  • Flower colour: purple and white
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: dentate, dark green
  • Flower type: daisy-like
  • Site: sunny; permeable, loose soil; partial shade for pot cultures
  • Bulbs: 8
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Flowering period: March - April