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Daylily - variety mix - large package! - 10 pcs

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Daylily (Hemerocallis hybrida) is both one of the easiest to grow and sturdiest garden perennials. This group of plants encompasses varieties producing flowers in a stunningly broad colour palette - from pale creamy-white to almost black blooms. Their more or less intricate build is based on the characteristic six part pattern, consisting of three corolla petals and three calyx sepals. The shapes and forms of these parts differ significantly from one variety to the other. Some cultivars have broad, frizzled inflorescence edges, while the others are thin and spidery. These blooms may be single, semi-double or double. Quite a number of them have an eye - a differently coloured ring or spot inside the calyx. All varieties share, however, the arched, green, long and narrow leaves that quickly form dense, spreading tufts. Flowers grow on the naked, slender stems that tower over the foliage. The blooms are usually gathered in groups of a few. Daylily blooms, as the name of the plant suggests, last only one day. This might come as a surprise and is hard to notice, as one wilted flower is replaced by several new ones. Flowering period varies from variety to variety, but always falls for summer months (June - August). The fully developed plants grow 60 to 100 cm tall.

The unique daylilies dazzle with a wide selection of varieties that will fit into every garden and plant arrangement, from minimalistic lawns to posh, exuberant compositions. They may also complement other flowering plants and are recommended for growing in vicinity of ponds and other water reservoirs. Daylilies allow you to introduce original, unique forms and beautiful, refreshing colours to your garden.

Daylilies belong to undemanding plants. They will thrive in almost every kind of garden soil. The most beautiful plants will grow in fertile and moist soils, though. This species prefers sunny or only partially shady sites. Watering during drought periods and seasonal fertilizing are the only care measures that daylily needs. It is a fully frost resistant plant that additionally quickly regenerates mechanical damage. What is important for the potential use is that it does not contain any harmful substances, making it a safe plant for kindergartens and playgrounds.

One package contains 10 rhizome of the daylily variety mix. Package label contains basic growing instructions.

  • Use: ornamental - borders
  • Growth form: erect
  • Vegetation form: perennial
  • Foliage: arched, green, long and narrow leaves
  • Flower type: single, semi

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