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Hand sprayer Bratek - 0.5 l - Kwazar

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"Bratek" 0.5 l hand sprayer from Kwazar

The "Bratek" hand sprayer will come in handy at every home and in every garden. It is perfectly suited for spraying plants, but it proves to be effective in other minor housekeeping chores, too. It allows you to quickly and efficiently spray plants with water, ensuring proper humidity, and apply plant protection agents and fertilizers. The model presented here is recommended for use at home, on a balcony, terrace and in the home garden. This easy to use, functional hand sprayer is perfect for taking care of various plants.
It has been manufactured of premium quality materials and therefore stands out with high resistance to mechanical damage. This dependable product will serve you for a long time. It has been equipped with one-way pump - press the handle to release the liquid. An ergonomic handle lies well in hand and ensures high work comfort. The sprayer also comes with a regulated nozzle that allows you to adjust the stream and spraying angle to your needs. A handy, compact hand sprayer proves to be suitable for taking care of plants at home and in the garden.

operational capacity: 0.5 l

We hereby offer a "Bratek" hand sprayer from Kwazar with a capacity of 0.5 l.

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