The Sprayers that you can listed below are high quality products signed by the renown, highly acclaimed brands, designed with your safety and work comfort in minnd. We offer a wide selection of excellent sprayers from the Polish Kwazar brand. Among them you will find both small hand sprayers dedicated for the owners of pot and balcony flowers, and professional garden pressure sprayers with various tank capacity. Learn more about our assortment and buy the sprayer you will 100% satisfied with!

Do you know, what purpose your new device should serve? If you are looking for a tool that will allow you to water and fertilize pot plants, choose the “Groszek” 0.6 l hand sprayer or the “Bratek” 1.0 l hand sprayer, available here at exceptionally competitive prices. We also recommend the hand 0.5 l Small hand sprayer “Mercury Super 360” that applies the liquid with stable, even stream regardless of the position it is in and after releasing the handle. It is also available in larger sizes. We also recommend to consider purchasing the 2.0 l Hand pressure sprayer “Venus Super 360”. If you are looking for a product to perform special tasks, the extremely durable, yet lightweight and affordable acid resistant NIX HD ACID hand sprayer and the NIX HD SOLVENT hand sprayer resistant to the majority of chemical agents, are two examples of products that might suit your needs. Should you intend to equip yourself with a device that applies disease, pest, insect and weed protection agents, there is no better choice than one of our super-efficient, solid and lightweight pressure sprayers. We recommend the 2.0 l “Gaja” garden pressure sprayer or the 3.0 l “Orion super” pressure sprayer for smaller gardens. (Please note that there are 9 l and 12 l versions of the latter available here, too). These handy tools make applying plant protection agents an easy and safe task. Select the 15 l “Neptune” or 18 l “Słonecznik (Sunflower)” pressure sprayer for spraying and dusting larger vegetable gardens and orchards. Take a moment and read descriptions of our products to learn more about them. And please remember that we also offer spare parts and sprayer accessories at affordable prices. Pumps, telescopic lances, lance handles, hoses and nozzles for various sprayers are all available in our garden store.

We invite you to browse through our offer, where your dream sprayer awaits you. Order the device with quick home delivery and take care of your crops effectively. Success guaranteed!