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Portable refrigerator, mini cooler Camping - 32 litres - blue-white

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Storing food on a camping site or at a picnic often proves to be problematic. In order to avoid the loss of food, it is worth to invest in a portable fridge. Thanks to this purchase your supplies for the family picnic, a trip to the lake or visiting your summer cottage will be properly protected from loss of freshness. This cooler will also work as cold drink container during hot summers and excursions. The product presented here is durable and ergonomic. It is equipped with a handy handle that facilitates carrying. This excellent product is available in various sizes. It allows you to adjust the capacity of the tool to the size of your family. A camping fridge of this kind is equipped with ice packs that prove their worth during larger and smaller excursions.

This portable mini fridge does not require any power. The low temperature inside is maintained thanks to the ice packs. The previously frozen packs are placed at the very top of the fridge. The cold air that subsides to the bottom lowers the temperature of the food stored inside the cooler. The time during the lower temperature will last depends on the number of used ice blocks, the temperature outside and the characteristics of the product.

One litre volume of ice packs should be used for every 10 litres of the fridge capacity.

The price quoted here is valid for 1 Camping 32-litre portable refrigerator, here available in blue-white colour.

Dimensions: 50 x 33 x 41 cm

Weight: 2.25 kg