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Ammonium sulphate - acidifying fertilizer - Ogród-Start® - 2 kg

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Ammonium sulphate from Ogród-Start®, offered here in our garden store, is the perfect soil acidifying agent. A large number of plants require acidic soil in order to develop well. Presented preparation can be applied on all types of soil with neutral or alkaline reaction.

Form: intended for broadcasting

Ingredients: contains over 20% of ammonium sulphate.

Application: Ammonium sulphate can be used on all plant types, although obviously not all of them need it. Specific conifer species, azaleas and blueberries need the acidic soil the most. No wonder that the presented product proves to be exceptionally effective in cultivation of these plants.

Instructions of use: this fertilizer needs to be broadcasted on the site of planned culture before seeding or planting seedlings. Its effectivity depends on several factors - including plant type and soil pH.

Our online store offers 2-kg packages of the fertilizer.

acidophilic plants - before the start of the vegetation (early spring) and at the beginning of June 15 grams per 1 m2. Tomatoes on alkaline soils, 4.5-6 kg per 100 m2 before planting