Braided line - 12 mm / 20 m

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Braided lines are sturdy and durable, hence may be used in various situations. It will come in handy at home, in the workshop, at constructions sites and in transport. Use it for supporting plants, fastening canvass hoods and other objects, as well as during excursions, camping trips and sport exercises. It does not absorb water and floats in the water. These features make it suitable for sailing, angling and water sports, too.

This line has been made of high quality, braided polypropylene silk yarn. It is built of sixteen threads braided together. This products displays high resistance to tearing, excessive stretching and does not tangle. It is also resistant to a wide array of external factors, such as UV radiation, water, acids and alkalis. Lines made of polypropylene are lightweight what allows them to float in water. Lines available in our store are durable, shear-resistant, yet soft and smooth to the skin of your hands.

Length: 20 m

Diameter: 12 mm

Shear strength: 1400 daN

  • Length: 20 m
  • Diameter: 12 mm
  • Material: polypropylene