Poppy seedlings, Papaver

We recommend poppy seedlings if you dream of a romantically arranged garden and the rustic and naturalistic compositions belong to your favourites. You will stock up your collection of the most beautiful summer flowers at a reasonable price. We offer popular, coveted varieties and the absolute novelties – just take a look at what we have prepared for you. Don’t you have the oriental poppy (Papaver orientale) seedlings on your flower bed? It is worth changing that. These medium tall, reliably blooming perennials delight the eyes with their shapes and colours in the first half of the summer. Just see how charming the white flowers with a purple eye look like – this is the „Royal Wedding” oriental poppy. Combine it with a semi-double, pink „Helen Elisabeth” variety or the „Ruffled Patty” poppy with originally fringed petals. Maybe the Himalayan blue poppy will appeal to you (Meconopsis betonicifolia) – a poppy with clearly blue flowers? We offer so many arrangement options: you may grow multicolour poppies together with garlic, granny’s bonnet, irises and other magnificent early summer flowers that are available in our store in a wide selection of varieties. You invest in high quality and reliability by deciding to make a purchase at our store. We work with the renowned producers of seedlings and bulbs for years, so we are able to deliver you healthy, vigorous and beautifully blooming plants. Trust us and take advantage of the low prices and more than competitive shipment costs. Do not forget about the promotional offers and discounts – follow our seasonal offers. We invite you to learn more about poppy seedlings and other ornamental and useful plants available in our store.