Rose cuttings

There are rose seedlings available in our garden store. We offer a wide variety of cultivars, among them dwarf, ground cover, climbing and large-flowered varieties. These plants will adorn your garden by adding an elegant note and multitude of colours to, attracting many interesting and useful insect species. Rose is considered the queen of flowers. That should not come as a surprise – you only need to take a look at this exceptionally beautiful, decorative plant that takes on many different habits, heights and produces blooms of different colours and sizes. You may grow it on borders, in containers or use as hedges. Please take into consideration that roses stay true to one site, so you need to carefully think over and choose the right spot for the given variety.

If you wish to cover walls, a pergola or gazebo, climbing roses will do the trick. These rose cultivars do not need much space in the garden, but require supports they could climb upon and create marvellous flower cascades. There are different varieties, producing both large and tiny blooms, in this group. We recommend standard (stem) roses to all balcony and terrace owners. These rose cultivars resemble small trees and may be grown, apart from the garden, in pots. They are also ideal for arranging public space. Please note that they are not the easiest to grow and require constant care and attention. Garden, dwarf and ground cover roses are recommended for borders and flower beds in the garden.

Do not hesitate, choose seedlings of your favourite rose varieties and create a marvellous, attractive, elegant garden that could be compared with the court of English noblemen.