Long-lasting conifer fertilizer "100 dni" (100 days) - Florovit® - 4 kg

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The long-lastsing conifer fertilizer from Florovit®, offered here, is a product that would work well in every garden. Balanced composition of the product effectively supports beautiful look and optimal vigour of conifer trees and shrubs for over 100 days after the application. Every granule of the fertilizer dissolves gradually, slowly releasing the complete set of macro- and micronutrients needed for the abundant growth and dense habit of the plants.

Fertilizer contents have been enriched with with magnesium that significantly improves the colouring of the needles and their resistance to yellowing. Plants become winter-hardier, are less prone to diseases and pest infestation, handle mechanical damage better and regenerate quicker.

Long-lasting fertilizers guarantee high comfort of use. This particular product may be applied once or twice during a season. It is recommended both for new plantings and already growing conifers. A single dose should be applied in May. The fertilizer offered here supplements plants for three months. In case of two-step fertilization, the first dose should be applied in March and the second in June. The amount of the used fertilizar depends on the size and age of the plant. Pour granules under the crowns of trees and shrubs, ploughing it into the soil gently. Regular watering increases the efficiency of the fertilization.

The package contains 4 kg of the 100 Dni (100 days) long-lasting conifer fertilizer from Florovit®. Exact dosage and use instructions were printed in the product information.

Application method:
fertilize 1 or 2 times during a season. Soil preparation: 20-30 grams per plant or 30-40 grams per 1 m2. Mix the fertilizer with the soil before planting. The already growing plants: 30-50 grams per plant or 50-70 grams per 1 m2, depending on the age and size of the plant. Spread the fertilizer around the trees and shrubs. We recommend to plough it gently in. The regular watering increases the effectivity of the treatment.