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Wild strawberry seeds

There are seeds of wild strawberry, tiny, sweet and excellently tasting fruit, available in our online store. They contain plenty of vitamin C and minerals. Did you know that thanks to the two wild strawberry varieties we can now enjoy strawberries? You are free to choose from many different varieties that differ mostly in size and colour of the fruit. All wild strawberry seeds offered in our store stand out with their quality, since they come exlusively from proven suppliers.

We particularly recommend the „Yellow Wonder” wild strawberry that is less often eaten by the birds because of the unusual fruit colour. It helps you achieve richer crops. If you only have a balcony at your disposal, the hanging wild strawberry „Attila” should draw your attention, as it can be grown in hanging containers. It also belongs to the earliest woodland strawberry varieties.

Choose seeds of your favourite wild strawberry variety and put your gardening skill to the test. You will get high quality, tasty and sweet crops of fruit.