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Other Fruit Seeds

You will find seeds of less known and seldom cultivated plants yielding delicious fruit crops in the „Other Fruit” section. You may choose from many different species, such as Chinese boxthorn (bearing goji berries), pepino dulce, mock (Indian) strawberry, strawberry tree, kiwano, Indian fig opuntia (prickly pear) or pomegranate. Short descriptions of the plants will help you choose the ones that meet your needs. All seeds available in our online store are of high quality and present good germination capacity, as they come from renowned producers only.

The majority of plants included in the „Other Fruit” section can only be grown in pots in warm interiors. They would not survive colder periods that occur regularly in our temperate region. You may only put them outside onto the balcony, terrace or into the garden in summer. They will provide you with delicious and healthy fruit and decorate your home and garden.