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Muskmelon and Cantaloupe seeds

Our garden store offers seeds of cantaloupe, one of the juiciest fruit. We have several varieties available that differ mostly in fruit flesh and peel colour. All cantaloupe seeds sold in our store are of high quality, since they come from proven sources only.

We recommend the „Model” variety that produces round, yellow-green fruit with thick, juicy, delicious fruit flesh. What is even more important, this cantaloupe is resistant to downy and powdery mildew. The „Malaga F1” cultivar is also worth your consideration. It produces round, rippled frut with green peel covering tasty, juicy, orange flesh. It also shows resistance to the two above mentioned diseases. You should remember that cantaloupes grow best under covers. If you decide to grow them in the ground, postpone the cultivation start and use agrotextiles.